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First things first, I am really sorry that we haven't been able to post on a regular basis. We have both been busy with other things unfortunately. We will try to be as regular as we can from here onwards. :) So, I was recently invited to the first ever Nepalese bloggers meetup by a fellow Nepalese fashion blogger Sunusunuk ( .In Nepal, opportunities for fashion bloggers are rare so this was definitely a productive idea to keep the flare going. For the meetup, I had on a full sleeved crop top for warmth and a highwaisted trouser. This was lose on me at the time of purchase but I had it readjusted to fit my size. I really wanted to go for a blazer for this look so decided to get a little creative by using the maroon blazer I had previously despised as a student in my school years as it was too big for me at the time. But look how it all worked out. :) Its maroon color gives a lovely fall vibe and the fit is just right as I have grown into it now! I finished my look with black heels to give it a chic touch.


                             Outfit details-
                        Crop top- Forever21
                        White pant- Lane88
                           Heels- Forever21
                             Blazer- Vintage

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  1. this meetup was so random yet awesome! : )