Ball necessity


Dress - Lookbookstore
Stiletto - Forever 21
Necklace - Forever 21
Clutch - H&M

My friend was having her graduation ball and she had extended the invitation to me. A rare opportunity to dress fancy without looking outrageous. How can I possibly say no to that?!  But, what do I wear? (A question raised many-a-times) And so began the hunt! After wrecking my brain for hours on end going through various online websites for that perfect outfit, (in vain!) I resorted to my closet for a desperate attempt for salvation in the unworn section( I'm sure all the girls can relate!) when I came across this white lace dress that I had purchased ages ago but had completely forgotten about! It appears dangerously close to a wedding dress, what with its white lace material and off shoulder cut out; but since I am not getting married any time soon I decided that there was no better event to flaunt this baby than the ball! So, on the night of the ball I paired it with a gold clutch, gold stiletto and a pearl necklace. As for my makeup and hairstyle, I give all the credit to my friend who is (luckily for me:D) a professional makeup artist. The ball was a tad boring but all was forgiven as we danced the night away. :) 

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