Nightout with the family


So I have been on the hunt for the perfect hat (as one would) for quite some time, and I have finally found a bowler hat that suits me just right.So what do I do?Flaunt it of course! :D I had a family dinner I was going to so took the opportunity to take this little number for an outing!As it was a family dinner I wanted to keep it simple so opted for a printed tshirt and a pencil skirt with my favourite pumps.I did a little knot on the tshirt to give it some shape and add a touch of cool to my outfit,Oh,and the dinner was actually to celebrate my baby sister getting a student visa to Japan!(I'm a proud older sister)

(Sorry about the blurry picture but i had to post this one.With my baby sister,so proud of her :D)
Printed tshirt- Thrifted
Pencil skirt- Forever 21
Heels- Grandeur

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