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Hello lovelies!!

So,I'm trying my best to be regular with the posts and here it is right on time.Hopefully,I will be consistent.😜Like you people know I moved to Sydney recently and the weather decides to go bizarre with non stop rain.Yeah!!Anyways,I haven't been out much so I decided to post this look when I was back in Nepal.I am wearing this large size hoodie with this awesome print which I grabbed from the men's section,I do that a lot by the way.I love that it's a size bigger than what I normally wear and super comfortable.With the bottom I decided to go with my maroon tights.By now you just know I am obsessed with this color.For the shoes I went with this black boot,well there's a surprise.I think this outfit is perfect for that weather when the sun is there but just barely and there is still a slight chill in the air.

Outfit details-
Black hoodie- Thrifted
Maroon tights- Fashionfacts
Boots- Thrifted

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