Dark teenage dream


So any misconceptions I had in mind of the stereotype that you dress according to your mood has certainly changed! I was feeling a bit down in the dump that day hence this outfit came about (can you tell?! :P). My mum looked at me and made me laugh hysterically for atleast a minute with the remark 'why the hell are you dressed as a broody teenager!'(Oh my mum can be quite hilarious without meaning to be sometimes! :P) It was a blissfully sunny day but ofcourse accompanied by the mighty UK wind! So, I got dressed in this black dress which is quite plain and simple and threw on a plaid shirt to give it a bit of an edge while keeping the changing weather in mind. I also have on this tattoo choker that I love and my black wedge heels. 

Dress - H&M
Shirt - USC
Bag - H&M
Wedge Heels - H&M
Tattoo choker - Ebay

Shop the look.

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